Get out of it!!!

You said I looked good, I got a great personality, I got an enormous and sweet-heart, you said I was all you’ve always wanted. At first, I felt so fortunate about the declarations that I was too blind to see through it.

 Every night I’d go back to the messages staring and smiling at them. Felt I had finally found my soul mate. we bonded so well, hanged out a couple of times, and eventually did everything possible.

 It was all happening so fast, I craved for you so much that I didn’t realize what we had gone deep into had no tag. Too late to ask, cause you felt no need to make it official. This was the minute I realized that I had fucked up, but I felt so drawn to you that I wasn’t willing to walk away so I had to accept.

Things began to change, You don’t call and text like you used to, you’d just beep me only for hook up. It hurt so bad that each time I try to speak to you about it, it’s either you are too busy to have such a conversation or you’ll clearly remind me of not being yours(officially) that was obviously the hardest pill for me to swallow.

Tried to leave severally but my emotions kept drawing me back..what happened to my good look? great personality? to my big and sweetheart? Oh yeah, I get;

The late-night tears changed my look, the jealousy made me a nag, and the big and sweetheart got broken into pieces. I died daily, but I just couldn’t speak up ’cause that is the position a situationship plops you into.

Wasn’t I good enough? what wasn’t I doing right? ain’t I enough? this was me constantly questioning and blaming myself, hmmmmm, my self-esteem finally broken.

Days, weeks, and months went by and I began to pick myself up, I realized I wasn’t asking for too much, I was only asking the wrong person. I realized I was so good and worth it and it was a loss for you cause I can’t love you as I used to and you deserve the world, but I am the world and I obviously deserve better!!!!

Finally found me again and this time I will never lose myself to anyone because I am good, I am rare, I’m amazing, confident, worth it and I’m enough!!!!!!

A lot of us have been in this situation, be it intentionally or not. Just incase you don’t know what a situationship really means, here is a quick definition;

“A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship “

Being in a situationship isn’t so bad, but like we all know that whatever has an advantage will most definitely have a disadvantage(which may probably be higher in this case).

This write up is for those who find themselves in this situation and can’t control it or walk away, I want you to ask yourself this question;

Who am I?

The very moment you get to figure out who you really are, is the very moment you will forget what you feel and remember what you deserve 🤞

Thanks so much for reading through cuties and to my new readers you’re welcome 🥰 I hope you enjoyed it, do well to like, comment and share. And if you by any chance want to share any of your personal experience or you have any suggestions do well to send a message to S.I.O.

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Published by S.I.O(SAY IT OUT)

My name is Olokor Peculiar🌹 I am from Delta state but I was born and brought up in Lagos. Well, I am just a young and ambitious lady, very strong and resilient✊ I am a lady who is trying to live a life that the young ones can emulate, and most of all I am a voice that needs to be heard!!!!❤️👑✊👸

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