Please stop!!

Please don’t do it

I beg you

Just leave me alone

Don’t put it in ,it is hurting


These were the pleadings of a human,crying and struggling to be free but all to no avail. Nothing said or done could stop it from happening. It looks ordinary but deep down there is a very strong force behind it . A force that doesn’t make you get soften by the pleadings ,everything at that moment doesn’t seems to move you ,you are literally numb at that moment.

It then happens , you are satisfied,you stand up ,dress up and then walk away smiling but what about the victim ? What about the pains ? What about the trauma?

Did it ever cross your mind ? The night mares ,loneliness, depression,fears ,did any of these cross your mind ?

Turned an happy soul to a sad one ,made one a prisoner of his/her thoughts,made love and trust an impossible thing to them . Why ruin someone’s life all because of a thing that wouldn’t last for an hour ?why Cause someone a life time pain all because of your urge ?

And yeah ,society makes it harder for the victim to speak up . You get blamed and judged and stigmatized just for speaking up . As a lady you get questioned about your dressings,where you were ,the time ..e.t.c . As a guy they laugh it off cause it sounds unbelievable to them . Oh yes ,Men also get raped too !!!!! Rape isn’t just fixed for a specific gender or age -group . Men get raped ,women get raped ,children also get raped (pedophile ). Yes that is why it is called rape ,let me state a brief definition of that word “RAPE”

“IT’s an unlawful sexual activity carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent. “

Rape is never an option no matter the circumstances, no one deserves that. You can do better than that . Channel that force into something more positive,sure the world will be more better when we have less damaged people in it .

Yes, less damaged people. Rape is something that has been going on for eons but is hardly talked about, all thanks to the society that made it difficult for the victims/survivors to speak up because the person they claimed raped them doesn’t look like someone capable of doing such🤦‍♀️Do rapist have to look like a rapist? Do they have a particular look for rapists???

Funny how the rapist tends to live freely and the victim suffers the questioning, stigma, and most of all the traumatic stress.

Let me state a few traumatic stress/ typical responses to sexual assault the victims go through;

* Depression *Disruption in a close relationship. *Sleep disturbance & fatigue. *Inability to concentrate. *Triggers and anxiety attacks e.t.c

To anyone who has experienced this and probably still struggling to get over it , I just want to let you know that you will be fine. Speak to someone if you can, do what you love, do what makes you happy, just let it all out❤️Time heals, you are so strong and I believe someday you will be strong enough to help anyone who will by chance go through such.

And yes!!!! Thanks for reading through, my readers both old and new you are welcome🥰thanks for clicking on the link again 🙏I know the last weeks have been so draining due to the #Endsars protest, we did great, and to the lost souls, May they rest in peace💔✊don’t forget to like, share and comment🥺Byeee🥰😘

Published by S.I.O(SAY IT OUT)

My name is Olokor Peculiar🌹 I am from Delta state but I was born and brought up in Lagos. Well, I am just a young and ambitious lady, very strong and resilient✊ I am a lady who is trying to live a life that the young ones can emulate, and most of all I am a voice that needs to be heard!!!!❤️👑✊👸

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