The pain doesn’t just go away.

The hole in my heart is so deep that it can’t be filled by my effort alone.

Surrounded by a lot of humans but still, feel empty.

A tiny mental hole that keeps me from being happy, and for every trial to fill the empty spot with happy thoughts always end up leaking out. Worst of all, the longer the hole stays, the bigger it seems to get.

Loneliness is indescribable to those who haven’t felt it and need no description of those who have.

I’d prefer being left alone than being lonely

Too bad I can’t help it.

So many humans around but the void in me remains.

It makes it hard to share your feelings and thought which causes a cycle of isolation.

It’s like a hired assassin that stalks you, it waits and tortures you with its presence, and then take everything away from you.

A lot of us have been in this position or probably in this state right now. For those who don’t know the difference between being alone and being lonely, below is a brief definition;

Being alone is simply the physical state of not being with another individual. While being lonely is a psychological state characterized by a distressing experience occurring when one social relationship is perceived to be less in quality and quantity than desired.

But I just want to tell you, that you will be fine. And so I will be stating few ways to help get over it.

1)Realize loneliness is a feeling, not a fact.

2)Practice self-kindness.

3)Stop your negative thoughts cycles.

4)Generate a sense of awe.

5)Pay attention to the things that matter.

6)Be nice to yourself.

I hope this will be of great help. Thanks so so so much for clicking on the link, it been a while and I know you miss me, I miss you too, yes you, I miss you!!!!!😩 And to my new readers, welcome🤝 don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, and share, I will really appreciate 🥺I remain your one and only Pecky🥰 Byeeee!!!!!!!❤️

Published by S.I.O(SAY IT OUT)

My name is Olokor Peculiar🌹 I am from Delta state but I was born and brought up in Lagos. Well, I am just a young and ambitious lady, very strong and resilient✊ I am a lady who is trying to live a life that the young ones can emulate, and most of all I am a voice that needs to be heard!!!!❤️👑✊👸

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